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Permanent Makeup


Permanent Cosmetics

This is the makeup of the future! Imagine saving 15 minutes a day, or 92 hours a year, from application of your regular makeup. Yes, it is cosmetic tattooing! Women and men of all ages and backgrounds benefit from permanent makeup. Everyone from athletes and professional actors and dancers, to those who suffer from arthritis and muscular disorders find permanent makeup a life saver.


Clients with alopecia or other hair loss can finally not having to apply “eyebrows” everyday. After surgical procedures, repigmentation can be done to camouflage scars and imperfections. After breast cancer and reconstructive surgery, techniques can be used to create the illusion of areolas and nipples.


Others whom have benefited from micropigmentation include burn survivors, and those born with disfiguring birth marks. An electrical instrument with probes or needles is used to place pigment into the skin. A topical cream is used to numb the area. The procedure takes from 1 ½ to 2 hours and you will need to return for an additional “perfecting” session. Generally there is some swelling and tenderness to the treated area.


– Consultation $75 ($40 applied to procedure)

– Patch Test $55

– Eyebrows $400 – up

– Eyebrow Hair Stroke $425 – up

– Eyeliner (top & bottom) $450 – up

– Eyeliner (top or bottom) $250 – up

– Eye Lash Enhancement $400 – up

– Lip Liner $400 – up

– Full Lip Color $500 – up

– Lip Liner/Shading $450 – up

– Touchup Applications $250 – up

– Areola and/or Nipple (price based on consultation)